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29 Oct, 2009 09:44

Obamamania for kids: nursery rhymes get political

When Barack Obama swept to power in January, many people were singing his praises, but some parents have become angry as their schoolchildren are now doing it literally.

A tune that has become somewhat common in American public schools contains the lyric:

“He said that all must lend a hand to make this country strong again – Mmm mmm mmm, Barack Hussein Obama.”

Some kids from a Maryland school came home singing:

“He’s smart and he’s so, so good,
He’ll lead this country as we should!”

In Maryland, parents aren’t happy with these kinds of melodies, and believe such tunes glorify Obama.

“That’s not done in this country, that’s done in dictatorships,” said Karen Winterling.

“My reaction was shock,” said Diane Butler, mother of one child who took part in the singing.

“I think we’ve gone beyond what the school district is supposed to be doing with our children. Their job is to teach our children. My job is to raise my child.”

In response the parents had a piece of their own for the school board:

“George W. Bush, oh yes, he rates,
A war time president of the United States.
He kept us safe for great long years
And fought our enemies amidst our fears.
He supports our intelligence to find our foes
And locks them up down in old Gitmo.”

In short the concerned parents say politics and the classroom don’t belong on the same hymn sheet.

“It’s not about President Bush – it’s not about President Obama,” explained Chick Chicanis, one of the indignant fathers.

“It’s about injecting politics into the school system at that young age.”

The parents said that the song itself wasn’t the biggest problem, rather it’s the concept of indoctrination in these lyrics that they’re angry about.

“It’s Hitler Youth-esque with the ‘Obama Obama Obama’,” observed Diane Butler.

“It’s preaching, and that’s what our enemies did during the war,” she added.