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19 Jan, 2009 00:06

Chronology of Russia-Ukraine gas war

Chronology of Russia-Ukraine gas war

The current gas cuts are the culmination of a long gas war between Russia and Ukraine, RT looks back at its latest chapter, starting back in October 2007 and the ongoing crisis which is now being felt all around Europe.

January, 2009

Russia gives a 20% discount to Ukraine to start the gas flow

Ukraine starts feeling gas shortage

'Letter of credit could be a guarantee' – Medvedev

Russia to open a ‘second front’ in gas war

Gas transit can be unblocked by Russia-EU agreements

Putin agrees on gas consortium with European gas companies

Taking sides with pipelines

Medvedev calls on Yushchenko to resume gas flow immediately

Ukraine wants up to $US 7 million worth of gas to resume transit

‘No transit country has the right to take consumers hostage’ – Putin

Ukraine refuses to transport Russian gas to Europe

Ukraine’s new stunt threatens gas settlement

Gas flow to resume on Tuesday morning

Ukraine’s unconditional surrender

Kiev ‘close’ to signing original gas deal

Russia ready to partially buy Ukraine’s gas pipelines

New hope for end to gas dispute

Europe begins to suffer cutoffs

Ukraine has shut all gas pipelines to Europe – Gazprom

Gas cuts hit much of Europe

Ukraine demands more for gas transit

Gazprom threatens Ukraine with extreme measures

Ukraine steals European gas

Europe braces itself over Ukrainian gas theft

Ukraine gas dispute moves into post cutoff stage

Russia stops gas supplies to Ukraine completely

Russia to cut off gas supplies to Ukraine – Gazprom

December, 2008

Gazprom and Naftogas of Ukraine take talks to 11th hour

‘They don’t want to pay’ – Putin on Ukraine gas row

Time ticks down for Ukraine on Gazprom payment and supply for coming year

Ukraine and Gazprom square off for annual gas row

Ukraine stalls on gas debt

Christmas Holiday cold snap for Ukraine?

Gazprom warns on Ukraine gas debt

November, 2008

Medvedev orders Gazprom to collect Ukraine debt

No money, no gas – Gazprom may cut supplies to Ukraine

Ukraine – time to pay gas bills

October, 2008

Putin and Timoshenko step on gas in Moscow

August, 2008

Ukraine promises to return stolen Russian gas

Ukraine admits stealing European gas

July, 2008

Ukraine expecting final price agreement on gas within a month

Ukraine and Gazprom reach agreement on gas

Gazprom's Miller heads to Kiev for gas talks

May, 2008

Russia & Ukraine pledge to end gas disputes

April, 2008

Ukraine pays off gas debt to Russia

March, 2008

Gazprom, Ukraine agree on gas deal

EU not affected by Russia-Ukraine gas row

Gazprom turns Ukraine's gas back on

Ukrainian PM announces end of gas row

Ukraine fails to rule out EU gas cuts

Gazprom cuts gas to Ukraine by 25%

February, 2008

Gazprom unhappy with Ukraine's gas debt 'settlement'

Ukraine pays debt, avoids Russian gas cuts

Ukraine's indecision risks another gas cut

Ukrainian ‘gas princess’ in Moscow to settle dispute

Deal reached in Ukraine gas row

Ukraine gas cuts averted

Gas talks bring no results – for now

Gazprom urges Ukraine’s President to solve gas crisis

December, 2007

Europeans needn’t worry about gas supplies – Ukrainian PM

Gazprom and Ukraine reach deal on 2008 gas price

November, 2007

Gas divides Russia & Ukraine again

October, 2007

Gazprom warns about Ukrainian gas debts