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Britons trumped up phoney investigation: Lugovoy

Andrey Lugovoy, the key figure in the ongoing murder probe of former Russian security service officer Aleksandr Litvinenko – has once again been professing his innocence at a media conference. He called British investigators unprofessional and

To watch the media conference with Andrey Lugovoy and Dmitry Kovtun, please follow the link.

During the media conference held on Thursday, Mr Lugovoy, along with his business partner Dmitry Kovtun, made many strong-worded statements regarding the way the British side conducted the investigation.

He also presented a number of arguments that he thinks prove his innocence.

Lugovoy said there is no consistent pattern when it comes to the traces of Polonium-210 found by the investigation. The radioactive poison that killed Litvinenko, Lugovoy stated, was found in places he didn’t visit and was not found where he did go.

For instance, no radioactive trace was found on the plane that took Lugovoy and Kovtun to London.

“I believe experts have proved that the Transaero aircraft which took us to Great Britain had no traces of polonium. Two hours later, after our arrival to London, we went to an office at Litvinenko’s invitation where were the polonium traces. And the polonium traces were also detected on allegedly our seats in the Transaero aircraft on our way back home. Therefore, we wanted the British police to pay attention, as the traces lead not from Russia to Britain, but vice versa,” Andrey Lugovoy stated.

Also, he mentioned the missing footage from CV cameras in the Millennium hotel, the place where the alleged poisoning of Aleksandr Litvinenko took place.

He also said many pieces of testimony from witnesses used by the British side to back their accusations, are simply lies.

The whole picture, Lugovoy says, is rather grim, immoral and cynical. People high in the UK establishment pressed on the investigators to force them to trump up a phoney case against him. And British justice turned out to be neither independent nor just, he believes.