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2 Mar, 2020 12:07

Security officials APOLOGIZE to Philippines hostage taker and RESIGN as stand off continues

Security officials APOLOGIZE to Philippines hostage taker and RESIGN as stand off continues

A security guard was shot and dozens of shoppers were taken hostage by a former employee at a mall in the Philippines. As the standoff continues, the hostage-taker’s former bosses have apologized for firing him.

The disgruntled former employee has been named as Archie Paray and authorities have been in negotiations with Paray for some time. Paray demanded to speak to former colleagues and, a short time later a group of five security officers for Greenhills Mall apologized publicly before resigning from their posts.

“For our shortcomings towards you, we apologize,” they said. Paray's former supervisor denies that he was fired while one of the managers said it was all a misunderstanding over a change in the shifts. Paray, however, claims he was fired due to “corruption” at the security company where he worked. 

Members of the media have also been permitted to speak to Paray on the phone and he even showed video from inside the siege showing the hostages were alive.

“Just wait, they will come out alive,” he reportedly said, adding that if the police do not attempt to trick him there will be no further bloodshed. 

Heavily-armed SWAT teams are on the scene but the mayor has expressed a desire for a peaceful resolution.

“He is carrying a pistol. He is shouting he has a grenade but we don't have any way to confirm that for sure,” said San Juan city mayor Francis Zamora. 

“There is already one (person) that was shot already a while ago and has been rushed to hospital,” he added, confirming that the injured security guard is in stable condition.

Zamora spoke personally with Paray on the phone and reportedly asked him to lay down his weapons in the mall and come out peacefully.

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