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5 Jul, 2019 04:56

Russian city official fired after her racy Playboy pics go viral (PHOTOS)

Russian city official fired after her racy Playboy pics go viral (PHOTOS)

Anna Anufrieva, a 27-year-old beauty from Siberia, has lost her job in the Tyumen city administration after taking part in the Playmate of the Year online photo contest held by the Russian version of Playboy.

Sources in the city administration told Russian media that the woman was asked to leave after her erotic photos, available on her Playboy Russia contestant page, drew “unhealthy attention.”

Anufrieva has confirmed that she is no longer a public servant, while refusing to get into the details of her abrupt departure.

“I made a decision to leave. It’s unethical to discuss why: I respect my employer and would rather not discuss it,” she told URA.RU. agency.

It’s unknown what exactly the young woman's job was before her shot at a modelling career. The agency, citing open data, reported that the would-be Playmate used to work in procurement.

Anufrieva's Instagram profile currently describes her as a depilation master and a participant of the Playboy Russia Playmate contest.

Her Playboy profile, however, still features her old job description – naming her a public servant. According to the profile, Anufrieva has a plenty of other interests apart from immersing herself in oceans of red tape. German language, literature, cinema, history are among her many hobbies. She writes poems and dreams of publishing her own book sometime in the future and has spent 10 years studying piano music. The Russian beauty leads a healthy lifestyle, frequents the gym and does dancehall. She might not remain Russian much longer though – she says she hopes to move to Europe someday.

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Whether the 27-year-old lands a job with Playboy remains to be seen. The Tyumen native emerged as a front-runner in the online voting early on, but has since been overtaken by Muscovite Dariya Vorontsova. The two competitors are neck-and-neck at the moment, with the 22-year-old Moscow starlet just 10 votes ahead of Anufrieva.

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