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4 Jul, 2019 15:50

Bottom Cap Challenge! Russia's Booty Slapping Champion creates own version of viral craze (VIDEO)

Bottom Cap Challenge! Russia's Booty Slapping Champion creates own version of viral craze (VIDEO)

Russia's 'Booty Slapping Champion', Nastya Zolotaya, has released her own version of the viral 'Bottle Cap Challenge' and yes, you guessed it, it involves using her bottom to precisely flip off the cap.

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The latest internet craze sees celebrities attempting to flick the cap off a bottle with a spinning back kick and then nominate other celebrities, and has seen sporting superstars take part such as former UFC champ Conor McGregor, who in turn challenged boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. 

Others on the fringes of the sports world have gotten creative by using their own signature skills as a novel way of participating.

For Russia's booty slapping queen, who won a national competition where female fitness fanatics hit each other on the backside until one fell over, that means putting her formidable derriere to good use.

In the video, posted to Instagram, the 25-year-old Russian champion bodybuilder and model poses in skimpy underwear to spin off the cap with a swift swipe of a her buttock, before bending down and blowing the bottle, as though it is a smoking pistol.

Zolotaya came to public attention by winning the tournament, staged in Moscow as part of the Yashankin Cup, becoming a viral hit in the process. 

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The idea for the tournament came from the male 'Russian Slapping Championships' held in Siberia in March, the winner of which was Vasiliy 'Dumpling' Kamotskiy.

Dumpling gave his own version of the Bottle Cap Challenge on Wednesday, posting a video of himself slapping off the bottle cap on his farm in Krasnoyarsk, Eastern Russia.

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