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21 Feb, 2019 10:49

Swedish feminists up in arms over ‘dangerous’ sex robot brothels

Swedish feminists up in arms over ‘dangerous’ sex robot brothels

With sex robot brothels popping up across Europe, Swedish feminists are on the ‘war path’ with the potential practice on Swedish soil. They claim such android sex workers promote “dangerous” attitudes towards women.

Writing in the Expressen newspaper on Wednesday, the heads of three Swedish feminist organizations argued that the appearance and attributes of today’s sex robots bore the same “objectifying, sexualized and degrading attitude” that was found in mainstream pornography.

The organizations behind the letter were the Sweden’s Women’s Lobby, the National Organisation for Women’s Shelters and Young Women’s Shelters (Roks), and Unizon, a women’s empowerment group.

Talking about “dangerous” dehumanization, they argued that the female robots lacked any agency when it came to dealing with the requests of male clients. They also warned that the “type of fantasies” made possible by the opening of sex robot brothels would lead to real violence against women.

The activists are now calling for the Swedish government to implement a series of measures that would make it difficult for such a brothel to open in Sweden. Similar brothels have already opened for business in neighboring Finland and Denmark. 

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As technology advances to create more lifelike sex dolls, debate has raged over the legal and ethical questions regarding prostitution laws and violence towards women in several jurisdictions. Plans by a US entrepreneur to open such a brothel in Texas saw him label it as a sex robot “showroom” in a bid to dodge regulators. That aside, a franchise of The Dolls Hotel in Torino, Italy was shut down after only nine days for what authorities claimed was “a lack of hygiene.”

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