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Robots news

Find news and articles on RT.com about modern technology, including robots - machines able to carry out a complex series of actions automatically. Read news on how robots work. They can be controlled by using an external device or the controller can be built-in. Often robots are developed in order to accomplish a particular task. Get news and information from RT on the benefits and drawbacks of robots. Robots can help make people’s lives easier – doing their work and saving time. On the other hand, many experts, researchers, and the general public express concern that robots might take over. Follow RT on the types of robots, including sex robots which are becoming increasingly popular in Western society. Military and industrial robots are extensively used by the world’s governments. Visit RT.com to read news on robots in modern society. More than half of existing robots are in Asia, with Japan having the most. Find news and details on the robots and robotic inventions in Japan and other Asian countries. Get news on RT.com about the most famous companies producing robots - for example, Boston Dynamics, Sony, etc. Read RT to get the news on the areas where robots are used - like in the military and space. Don’t miss photos and videos of new robots and coverage of events such as Robotfest.