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3 Oct, 2018 22:06

Sex doll brothel in Moscow gets chatty ‘intelligent’ robot – but it can only speak English & Chinese

Sex doll brothel in Moscow gets chatty ‘intelligent’ robot – but it can only speak English & Chinese

Moscow’s first sex doll brothel’s newest ‘employee’ is an AI-packed doll called Emma. Though not Russian-speaking, the doll, able to chat and react to clients’ actions, has been “repeatedly requested” by patrons of the brothel.

The new doll is able to blink and to move her head and lips, according to the Dolls Hotel press service. The machine, so far, is able to “speak” English and Chinese, thanks to its “Android-based integrated software.” The robot is packed with a pre-heater and features two “technological openings” to have sex with. The third “opening” is, apparently, busy speaking.

The “intelligent” doll can be rented with a room in the hotel for 7,000 rubles (about $100). Other, less intelligent silicone pieces are available for only 5,000 rubles (about $75). Patrons can also purchase Emma from the brothel altogether for a modest sum of 350 thousand rubles (about $5,300).

During the first six months of the “legal brothel’s” operations, it has serviced some 1,000 clients, founder of the Dolls Hotel Dmitri Aleksandrov has said.

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“We were able to study and understand their needs and preferences – the main request was specifically for a sex doll with artificial intelligence. Today, they write a lot about it, but there are few places where you can see it, touch it, talk to it and – if you want to – have sex with it,” Aleksandrov explained.


The Dolls Hotel, which is a subsidiary of an international company LumiDolls, is the very first establishment to sell doll sex in Russia. The LumiDolls franchise began in Spain and it also has a sex dolls brothel in Barcelona. It has recently experienced difficulties with a new establishment in Torino, Italy, which got raided and shut down by the police just nine days after its grand opening. The law enforcement accused the brothel of “lack of hygiene” and other offences, seizing all its eight dolls for “examination.”

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