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17 Jan, 2019 05:02

YouTube bans dangerous stunt clips after long line of risky footage (VIDEOS)

YouTube bans dangerous stunt clips after long line of risky footage (VIDEOS)

YouTube has changed its policies regarding viral challenges and pranks in an effort to cut dangerous stunt videos, following a recent rise in outrageous dares inspired by the Netflix movie Bird Box.

The Google company upgraded their policy from frowning upon dangerous challenges, to completely banning the viral trend. New content guidelines now prohibit all “dangerous challenges and pranks” that either present a risk of “serious danger or death”, “make victims believe they’re in serious physical danger, or cause children to experience severe emotional distress”.

The crackdown comes days after a 17-year-old girl caused a highway crash when her car drifted into oncoming traffic in Utah while she was attempting to drive blindfolded.

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For many frustrated parents of viral fame-seeking children, the policy change is a welcome deterrent. Previous ‘challenges’ have seen young people eat poisonous detergent capsules, set themselves on fire, and attempt to ‘car surf’.

1. Tide Pod Challenge

As ridiculous and dangerous as it sounds, in early 2018 the so-called ‘challenge’ of eating laundry detergent capsules called Tide pods reached its peak following two years of dangerous ingesting of chemicals.

Needless to say the ‘viral trend’ was criticized by everyone with a brain, and medical professionals spelled out it can cause burning of the mouth, lips, esophagus, and depression of the central nervous system.

2. The Fire Challenge

A dangerous viral challenge struck the United Kingdom in 2015, which saw reckless teens literally setting themselves on fire. The ‘challenge’ encouraged people to pour flammable liquid like nail polish remover or hand sanitizer over their body and set it alight.

Fire and rescue authorities issued several warnings after an 11-year-old boy, who set his t-shirt on fire as part of a dare, required a skin graft.

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3. Condom Challenges

The ‘condom challenges’ were two 2015 viral internet challenges in which a person would either snort a latex condom through their nose and into the back of their throat, or have a water-filled condom dropped onto a their head, trapping the participant in an air-tight bubble of water. Naturally, risks involved with these ‘challenges’ include choking, suffocation and drowning.

4. Car Surfing

This viral trend, which is exactly as dangerous as it sounds, involved sitting on the outside of a car while it is moving – sometimes while on top of an actual surfboard. The trend lost steam when a Utah dad began sounding the alarm after his 13-year-old daughter almost died while participating in the ‘challenge’.

5. In My Feelings Challenge

The biggest viral dance craze of 2018 was the ‘In My Feelings’ challenge, inspired by the song and music video by Canadian rapper Drake. The ‘challenge’ saw careless drivers step outside their vehicles and perform a dance along with the moving car. It goes without saying that the trend caused more than a few accidents and endless content for the fail-loving internet.

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