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25 Aug, 2018 14:27

‘Misinformed’ v ‘braindead’? Swedish neo-Nazi rally & counter-protesters call each other out (VIDEO)

‘Misinformed’ v ‘braindead’? Swedish neo-Nazi rally & counter-protesters call each other out (VIDEO)

An RT journalist recorded shock claims and insults traded between opposing crowds as she interviewed Nordic Resistance Movement members and counter-protesters who objected to “Nazis marching in the streets” of central Stockholm.

Counter-protesters gathered in the city to oppose an authorized march held by the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) – a party that is often described as neo-Nazi, although its members reject the definition. RT talked to both sides ahead of the demonstration.

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The gathering, held by the NRM on Saturday, seemingly attracted more counter-protesters than members of the far-right movement, footage from the scene showed. The pan-Nordic NRM was registered as a political party in Sweden in 2015 and is now gearing up for its very first general election.

Counter-protesters have described NRM members as ‘Nazis,’ telling RT’s Maria Finoshina that they came to protest against the hatred spread by the group. The NRM members themselves, however, prefer to be called ‘national socialists,’ although none of them explained how this differs from neo-Nazism.

Some members of the NRM openly said that the original Nazis were “great” and that Adolf Hitler was “the greatest leader.”

“They are brainwashed and braindead,” an NRM member said about the counter-protesters. “We’ll send them out too when we take the power in this country.”

The journalist then approached the visibly tense counter-protesters, who were separated from the rally by a metal barrier, with one of them greeting her with a middle finger. She asked what they thought about the rally and those taking part in it. A counter-protester described the NRM members as “misinformed” people.

“We want respect for every human being,” another counter-protester said. “And they are against that, they want to throw out people they don’t like.”

Previous gatherings of the NRM have been marred by violence, and both police and journalists came prepared to the latest rally. One of the reporters was even spotted sporting a bulletproof vest.

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