2 Palestinian teens killed in ‘accidental’ Gaza explosion (PHOTOS)

2 Palestinian teens killed in ‘accidental’ Gaza explosion (PHOTOS)
A mysterious explosion in Gaza city has killed at least two teens, the Palestinian Health Ministry said. While the cause of the blast is still being investigated, police have reportedly discovered fireworks at the incident site.

On Saturday afternoon an explosion rocked the Shujaeya neighborhood in Gaza City. Ambulances immediately arrived at the site of the incident to discover two 17-year-olds dead and another eight people wounded. Three of the injured remain in critical condition after being rushed to the hospital, the Health Ministry said.

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“As a result of the accidental explosion in a residential house in the city of Gaza two Palestinians died, eight were injured,” Health Ministry press secretary told Sputnik on Saturday.

Gaza police have opened an investigation to determine the exact cause of the blast. Authorities noted, however, that large amounts of fireworks were present inside the corner house where the explosion occurred.

Fatal explosive incidents in the Palestinian enclave are often blamed by local authorities on accidents or Israeli subversion, while Israelis usually suggest that they happen at weapons manufacturing or storage facilities belonging to Hamas.

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