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Guatemalan flag flies over new embassy building in Jerusalem (PHOTO)

Guatemalan flag flies over new embassy building in Jerusalem (PHOTO)
Israel’s Prime Minister has welcomed the controversial display of the Guatemalan flag over the country’s diplomatic mission in Jerusalem, which was raised ahead of the official embassy inauguration, scheduled for mid-May.

On Tuesday, the new Guatemalan embassy in Jerusalem raised the national flag over the building, which is officially slated to open its doors for business on May 16, just two days after the US plans to relocate its embassy from Tel Aviv.

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Before the flag was raised, the Latin American country moved its staff from Tel Aviv to its new location at the Malkha Technology Park in Jerusalem on Monday. The display of the Guatemalan national symbol against the Jerusalem skyline was immediately welcomed by Benjamin Netanyahu.

“I was moved to see the flag of Guatemala waving in Jerusalem in advance of the opening of the Guatemalan embassy later this month. Dear friends, welcome back to our eternal capital,” the Israeli Prime Minister commented.

Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales first announced the country’s decision to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem in December, shortly after President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel. In March, Morales once again confirmed that Guatemala’s embassy in the eternal city will open immediately after the US makes its move.

The Central American country was one of just nine states to support the US decision for embassy relocation during a United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) vote in December, in which the international body overwhelmingly passed a non-binding resolution condemning Donald Trump’s declaration.

‘Symbolic move, huge benefits’: Romania to relocate its Israel embassy to Jerusalem

Since December, Tel Aviv has been urging other countries to follow Washington’s example to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. Besides the US and Guatemala, Romania has also announced its intention to move its embassy. Bucharest has yet to announce the timeline of its planned relocation from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

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