Stuttgart’s selfish drivers get wrapped up over parking offences (PHOTOS)

Stuttgart’s selfish drivers get wrapped up over parking offences (PHOTOS)
Residents of Stuttgart have a weird and wonderful way of punishing people who park their cars irresponsibly – they wrap the vehicles like extra large presents and wait for the drivers to open them.

City natives started the initiative just before Christmas after growing tired of the parked cars continuously blocking sidewalks and bike lanes.

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To teach inconsiderate drivers a lesson, locals began wrapping the cars in clear film before attaching a simple note that read: “Parking like that – it’s just crap”.

Zweitrat Stuttgart, the cycling group peddling the initiative, say the campaign is deliberately non-violent and insist no car is damaged in the process. As to whether it could be considered property damage, a police spokesperson told The Local: “It all depends on what it takes to remove the film.”

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The initiative is a significant advance from what the traditional German method of shaming drivers, namely purchasing colourful stickers reading: “Don’t park in our way” which can be purchased online.

"Children can not walk to school on their own, because they do not see anything at the corners, and children cannot drive to school with parents on children's bikes because they cannot get through at the corners," said Christine Lehmann, the local councillor calling for people to spread the initiative through social media.

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