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Runaway drone smashes into eerie abandoned KGB hospital (VIDEO)

Runaway drone smashes into eerie abandoned KGB hospital (VIDEO)
The moment curiosity almost killed a quadcopter was caught on video, when the human-operated drone inadvertently smashed into the eerie interior of an abandoned KGB hospital it was exploring.

Erected in a city outside Moscow, the Zheleznodorozhny hospital was built between 1981 and 1991 but never used. The eight-story sprawling complex was once set to be used as a medical facility run by the Soviet spy agency the KGB.

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The site’s hulking skeletal remains are currently being demolished to make way for a school and other local amenities. That’s left some urban explorers with limited time to rummage through the graffiti-tagged concrete towers.

Footage filmed at the bleak 3,000-bed hospital on Wednesday shows how one person almost paid a heavy price for gliding their drone too close to the ghostly structure. Circling the frozen colossus, the drone reveals evidence of vandalism on the hospital’s facade.

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However, things suddenly take a turn for the worse when the drone user appears to lose control and direct the quadcopter straight into a concrete wall. Luckily, they appear to have successfully retrieved the drone.

According to local newspaper Mosreg Today, the Zheleznodorozhny development will see community buildings take the place of a grim structure that has become synonymous with drugs and other criminal activities.