Leap for life: Knife-threatened hostage escapes near death, watch her run free (VIDEO)

© New China TV
A woman taken hostage in a fast food chain restaurant in China has escaped her captor in an impressive sprint when he got distracted by police, video shows.

Xinhua News reports that the woman was held captive for an hour while a man held a knife to her throat. She kept her cool and sat calmly by his side before making a lightning dash for safety the minute he got distracted by the police. 

The event took place in China's southern city of Shogun this Saturday. The suspect was taken into custody for questioning. 

Locals had apparently seen the man drinking in the streets surrounding the restaurant for a couple of days before the assault, Xinhua News reports. 

In another recent case in China of people taking the fight against crime into their own hands, athletes from the Wuhan Institute of Physical Education made a thief hand himself in to police.

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