Drone dentists help with pulling kids’ teeth (VIDEOS)

Drone dentists help with pulling kids’ teeth (VIDEOS)
Remote-controlled quadcopters, better known as drones, have come in handy for parents looking for innovative ways of dealing with their kid’s loose teeth. The process has been caught on camera numerous times now.

Looks like 21 century parents prefer technology to the old door knob technique when it comes to pulling out baby teeth. They bring the once frightening and painful procedure to a whole new level.

The string is now tied to a noisy flying thing that goes up in the air, yanks the wobbly tooth straight out, much to the amusement of kids, parents and thousands of viewers on Youtube.

The trend spread quickly across the internet with many similar videos popping up on social media. In the one above, the dad is apparently a bit over-excited. He laughs manically in the background at his successful feat of dentistry.

One especially enthusiastic uncle gathered the whole family at a square in San Francisco to make a music clip out of his nephew’s important life event. It is set to Europe’s “The Final Countdown” and to everyone’s satisfaction the moment Phyllis the drone does her part, the terror on the boy’s face is caught in slow motion.