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5 September 2014
45 360
14 500 000 000
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One of the most popular football clubs in Russia, Spartak Moscow had been without a home stadium since the club was formed in 1922. Spartak used Dinamo, Luzhniki, and Lokomotiv as their home stadium, and sometimes even hosted rivals at locations outside Moscow. Every once in a while there would be rumors that a stadium for Spartak would be built in one area of Moscow or another, but none of the projects materialized.

Finally in 2006 an area near Moscow’s Tushino airfield was given to the club, and the long-awaited construction of a home stadium began. The contractor, however, failed to meet the initial deadline – the plan was to finish in 2010, but work hadn’t even begun at that point due largely to the global financial crisis. Fortunately, Otkrytie Arena (Spartak Arena) did not follow in the footsteps of Krestovsky in St. Petersburg, which faced even lengthier delays. In 2014, Spartak welcomed fans to their new home for the first time. It’s one of the most comfortable and technologically advanced arenas in Russia.

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