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  • The body you’re born with may not be the body you’ll die with – Stelarc
    SophieCo. Visionaries
    People who look beyond today and see the bigger picture of what’s going on with humanity – great...
    The body you’re born with may not be the body you’ll die with – Stelarc
    Implanting electronics into ourselves still sounds like something straight out of sci-fi for most of us, but for our guest, the human body is obsolete without modern technology. We talked to performance artist and body-experiments pioneer Steralc....
  • Sunset on the West?
    Renegade Inc.
    Renegade Inc. is a new kind of talk show for people who think differently. We interview thinkers,...
    Sunset on the West?
    The rise of China and other emerging economies isn’t a new phenomenon, nor is the rhetoric around the sun setting on the US Empire. But is this analysis of a new world order too simplistic? As the tectonic plates of trade shift and global...