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  • Print & inflate: Now tax the poor some more
    Renegade Inc.
    Hosted by award-winning filmmaker and broadcaster Ross Ashcroft, Renegade Inc. is for people who...
    Print & inflate: Now tax the poor some more
    Within the global economy, winners and losers can be split into two specific groups: the Have Nots and the Have Yachts. For the yachties… They get the wind of cheap money printing constantly filling their sails, which allows them to...
  • The world without insects is scary – biologist
    SophieCo. Visionaries
    People who look beyond today and see the bigger picture of what’s going on with humanity – great...
    The world without insects is scary – biologist
    Our planet’s biodiversity has long been crying for help. Hundreds of species could vanish off the face of the Earth, and we are talking end of this century, Bees are one of them. What would their extinction mean for our future? We talk with...