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  • Cold is a great teacher – extreme athlete Wim Hof (1/1)
    SophieCo. Visionaries
    People who look beyond today and see the bigger picture of what’s going on with humanity – great...
    Cold is a great teacher – extreme athlete Wim Hof (1/1)
    He climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in shorts, ran a half-marathon above the Arctic Circle barefoot, swam below the surface of a frozen lake, and he’s just cool. We talked to extreme athlete Wim Hof, aka the Iceman....
  • Fast fashion costs the Earth
    Renegade Inc.
    Hosted by award-winning filmmaker and broadcaster Ross Ashcroft, Renegade Inc. is for people who...
    Fast fashion costs the Earth
    It was the Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde who said “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” Today much of the ugliness remains but the timespan has shrunk from six months...