Russia’s MTS and QIWI to start postal service

Russia’s MTS and QIWI to start postal service
Russian mobile operator MTS and payment service provider QIWI Post have agreed to create a joint postal service in the country.

The new service aims to offer fast and convenient delivery to Russian customers.

The first automatic postal terminal has already been installed in MTS’ Moscow offices. The companies plan further expansion by the end of the year.

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Terminals will be equipped with touch-screen control panel and payment option. To pick up a delivery, the client will have to enter a mobile phone number and a code sent as an SMS message.

MTS expects the new service to increase the number of customers to its offices by 3-5 percent, expanding opportunities for its own online retail and sales of related products. The mobile operator has more than four thousand offices across the country and is trying to increase customer flow.

The new project also aims to increase the network of QIWI Post terminals. The company has 380 terminals in 21 Russian regions to date. It offers automatic delivery for more than 200 major online retailers in Russia, such as Ozon, MediaMarkt, Avon, Oriflame, Amway and others.

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E-commerce in Russia rose by 31 percent last year to 713 billion rubles ($11 billion). More than half the country’s 73 million internet users shop online.