‘You’re fired!’: Scaramucci beats former Pope, POTUS for least days in office

‘You’re fired!’: Scaramucci beats former Pope, POTUS for least days in office
Anthony Scaramucci barely had time to put a plant on his desk when he was shown the exit from the White House, just 10 days after becoming communications director. His colorful comments to the press led to a swift exit for ‘the Mooch.’

Following his swift departure, RT.com has compiled this shameful list of people who failed to hold on to their high-profile jobs.

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1. Mike Flynn - 24 days

The first to exit Trump’s White House administration circus was Mike Flynn, then-National Security Advisor to the president. A proud military history wasn’t enough to save Flynn from the cut; he made the walk of shame after only 24 days.

Flynn was one of the first victims of anti-Russia hysteria that has swept across US politics in recent months. His downfall proved to be a meeting with Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak, an encounter about which he failed to inform VP Mike Pence. The timing could not have been worse, and Flynn immediately lost the confidence of the POTUS.

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2. William Henry Harrison - 31 days

Flynn needn’t feel too bad, however, as short term employment isn’t new to the White House. Just under two centuries ago, the ninth US President William Henry Harrison ended his term abruptly after just 31 days.

The last commander-in-chief to have been born a British subject, Harrison succumbed to pneumonia in 1841, enshrining his legacy as the shortest-reigning president in US history.

3. Bill Belichick - 1 day

It sounds almost impossible to leave a job after just one day but former New York Jets head coach Bill Belichick did just that. In 2000, Belichick briefly took the NFL role, before allegedly writing his resignation on a napkin.

The now five-time Super Bowl champion had taken the job following five underwhelming years as head coach of the Cleveland Browns. He claimed his short-lived return to top-tier coaching allegedly stemmed from a change of owners at the franchise, the New York Times reported.

4. Leroy Rosenior - 10 minutes

Not to be outdone by the Americans across the pond, England boasts its own shamefully short-lived positions. In 2007, football manager Leroy Rosenior was fired from Torquay United just 10 minutes after taking the job - not even enough time to make some tea and crumpets.

Rosenior set the record straight on the bizarre incident on a podcast in which he described how 10 minutes after announcing his role as manager he received a phone call, advising him the club had been sold.

He may have lost the job but he did manage to receive two day’s pay for his efforts, due to the length of time it took to process his departure from the role.

5. Pope Urban VII - 12 days

Even His Holiness the Pope can have trouble holding down a job; at least back in the 16th century when diseases like malaria still posed a threat in Rome. Born Giovanni Battista Castagna, Pope Urban VII lasted just 12 days before his death.

A staunch opponent of nepotism and tobacco, the Pope voiced his support for a public smoking ban during his short reign in 1590, something Italy would not see until 2005.

6. Joseph Goebbels  - 1 day

Taking over where Adolf Hitler left-off didn’t bode well for Joseph Goebbels, who stepped into the Fuhrer's role as Chancellor of Germany following his suicide in 1945.

Goebbels took the post following his time as the minister for public enlightenment and propaganda. His term ended abruptly after just one day, when he ordered his children be injected with cyanide after which he shot his wife before turning the gun on himself.

As per his orders, their bodies were shot several times by an SS soldier to ensure their deaths.