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Python goes to rehab: Meth addicted snake ready to re-enter society after ‘drying out’

Python goes to rehab: Meth addicted snake ready to re-enter society after ‘drying out’
A meth-addicted snake is ready to re-enter society after ‘drying out’ in a prison rehab facility in Australia.

The 2-meter-long (6.5ft) jungle python has spent seven months at the Corrective Services Wildlife Care Centre in Windsor, New South Wales after it was seized during a raid on a drug lab.

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The cold blooded reptile reportedly developed a habit after absorbing fumes and particles from the manufacturing of ‘ice’ in the lab through its skin. The exposure to the highly-addictive stimulant methamphetamine transformed the usually sedate python into an erratic and aggressive creature.

"He was totally on edge, jittery, slithering and wanting to strike," Ian Mitchell, a senior overseer at the John Morony Correctional Complex told the Daily Telegraph.

Mitchell described the snake as one of the worst animals to enter the facility due to its highly aggressive behavior.

However, after a seven-month struggle to kick the habit, the python has returned to normal and is set to leave the facility. A ballot will be held to rehome the creature with another wildlife organization or an owner with the required licences.

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Fourteen convicted criminals help rehabilitate the animals at the wildlife correction center which also caters for injured and abandoned animals and those associated with criminal cases.