‘World’s first recycled flight’: SpaceX release ‘lost’ footage of Falcon 9 landing (VIDEO)

‘World’s first recycled flight’: SpaceX release ‘lost’ footage of Falcon 9 landing (VIDEO)
Never-before-seen footage of last week’s SpaceX recycled rocket landing has been released, days after the company’s milestone mission was tarnished by a live feed malfunction at the last minute.

Last week, the US space company completed an SES-10 satellite delivery mission using a Falcon 9 rocket recycled from a previous jaunt into orbit back in April 2016.

However, the recovered rocket’s spectacular touchdown – hyped as a major milestone for the space industry – was unexpectedly missed by a camera glitch on the SpaceX landing pad in the Atlantic Ocean.

With the Falcon 9 seconds away from making history on the ‘Of Course I Still Love You’ ocean droneship, SpaceX online presenters were forced to inform viewers about the disappointing hiccup.

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“Looks like we may not have continuous video feed from the droneship right now… so just stay put and we’re going to let you know [about the landing],” said SpaceX engineer, Tom Praderio.

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When the feed kicked back in, the Falcon 9 rocket was standing upright and intact on the launch pad. It led to some tongue in cheek comment online that the landing had been a conjurer’s trick.

SpaceX has now set the record straight, however, with an Instagram video showing the full, firey landing.