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‘How not to inspire’: Provocative ‘fat-shaming’ commercial sparks outrage (VIDEO)

‘How not to inspire’: Provocative ‘fat-shaming’ commercial sparks outrage (VIDEO)
A German supermarket commericial has managed to divide a nation with supporters calling it an inspiring act of marketing genius, while opponents brand it an offensive fat-shaming ploy which could spark eating disorders in children.

The story of ‘Eatkarus’ is a controversial new advertisement by the supermarket Edeka. It encourages healthy eating by retelling the tale of Icarus (the mythical Greek boy who flew too close to the sun, plummeting to his death) through the eyes of an overweight boy.

Set in a town of obese people who mindlessly stuff themselves with grey slop, Eatkarus discovers wild berries and eventually shuns his family’s overeating ways to fulfil his dream of flying.

The commericial received widespread criticism upon its release from viewers who said it simplified weight loss and attempted to promote healthy eating by ridiculing fat people.

"You want to shame others because they are fat? Because they do not meet your standards? This is not okay."

"Being fat is not the problem. People like the advertisers at Edeka are the problem."

"What makes me the most done on this shit #Eatkarus clip is just that it is aimed at children. Oh, my God."

"Exactly children. With berries from the wilderness, you will thin in no time thanks to nausea & vomiting! #edeka #eatkarus".

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The Berlin-based Association against Weight Discrimination took to Twitter to remind people that you don’t need a tiny waist to fly and in Greek mythology Icarus ultimately crashed.

Edeka defended the commercial in a statement by saying their intention was to simply raise awareness for healthy eating and nutrition: “With a certain exaggeration, we wanted to shake off the daily routine of fast food and the movie’s unidentified grey mash, regardless of the size of an individual.”

We are aware that some people suffer from obesity because of illness, which cannot be solved with a simple diet change,” the statement added.

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Those in favor of the advertisement have leaped to Edeka’s defense to praise the supermarket chain for their creative storytelling and inspiring message.

"#Edeka does a lot of right. The new #Eatkarus campaign is creative, polarizing and well thought-out. #marketing".