Deer in tree lights: Teen shoots buck dead after it storms Christmas tree (VIDEO)

Deer in tree lights: Teen shoots buck dead after it storms Christmas tree (VIDEO)
A deer that stormed a family home in Frederick, Maryland and knocked over a Christmas tree came to a quick demise when a teenage boy living in the house shot the animal.

Ryan Manchester, 17, fatally shot the buck after he called 911 for assistance, but felt that his dilemma was not being taken seriously by the emergency services.

“I told them what was happening and they didn’t really seem to have any urgency,” Manchester told The Frederick News Post.

“I don’t think they knew how much damage it was doing. So I asked them if I should shoot it. They didn’t tell me to shoot it. But they didn’t tell me not to shoot it. So I was like, ‘I’m probably gonna shoot it."

Manchester also called animal control and was told that officers were 15 minutes away. “That was a little long for me,” he said.

The high school student discovered the four-legged intruder after hearing a loud banging noise in a room downstairs.

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A chase ensued before he could get a good shot at the deer, hitting it once in the head and once in the shoulder.

Manchester said that the deer already had blood on it from injuries sustained in its rampage.

A video of the incident taken by Manchester shows the deer stamping about behind the Christmas tree, causing it to sway before eventually toppling over.

One theory as to why the deer had targeted the house is that the buck was potentially following the scent of a doe who had urinated on the tree, and was seeking out his mate.

While some people criticized the teenager for his actions online, Manchester said he was justified in shooting the deer.

“It caused a lot of damage. I know people will judge me for it, but I don’t care. If it happens to them, they don’t have to shoot it. But after it did all that, it wasn’t leaving alive,” he said.

Manchester said police had no issue with the killing and even took a picture of him with the antlers. He was also issued a tag for the kill by the Department of Natural Resources.

The buck’s head has been sent to a taxidermist for mounting, while the remainder of the slain animal has been delivered to a butcher.