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30 Oct, 2016 15:05

Kung Fu Panda: Man gets taken down in epic zoo faceoff (VIDEO)

Kung Fu Panda: Man gets taken down in epic zoo faceoff (VIDEO)

A man trying to impress his friends by teasing a panda in its zoo enclosure got more than he bargained for when the feisty bear challenged him to a wrestling match.

The epic five minute long ‘man versus bear’ showdown took place in Nanchang Zoo in southeast China’s Jiangxi province.

Surveillance footage shows the man, named Chen, walk into the den, wave at and pet the sleeping panda before it suddenly arises from its slumber – and grabs the intruder’s leg.

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The animal maintains a tight grip around Chen’s leg as he tries to escape, knocking him to the ground. A struggle ensues as Chen tries to break free from the ultimate bear-hug.

After about five minutes, Chen finally breaks free from the panda’s grip and races out of the enclosure.

The man was visiting the zoo with two female friends, and climbed into the panda house to impress the women by teasing the napping panda, according to People’s Daily.

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