Man accidentally blows up garden as stunt backfires (VIDEO)

Man accidentally blows up garden as stunt backfires (VIDEO)
In a stunt gone wrong, a man caused a huge explosion in his garden after he thought it would be a bright idea to throw lit candles onto a large mound of garbage soaked in highly-flammable substances.

Viral footage of the incident, which should clearly be labeled with a “Do not try this at home” caption, has now hit over 300,000 views.

The man is seen hesitating and taking a few steps back in the footage, which is believed to have been taken somewhere in Germany. He tosses the candles onto the giant mountain of crumpled paper.

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Within seconds, predictably, things go wrong as the mound explodes with a huge bang, sending flames in all directions.

A frightened woman who is filming the commotion lets out a scream and backs into the house for safety as the flames spread.

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She immediately asks the man to put out the fire with water and they ponder over calling emergency services for help. Once again, do not try this at home, folks.