German flirt coach hires security after refugee training results in public backlash

German flirt coach hires security after refugee training results in public backlash
A German flirt coach, who recently held a session for refugees and migrants on how to pick up local women, claims he was forced to hire security after receiving online threats in a public backlash.

Horst Wenzel describes himself as Germany’s number one love expert and provides workshops on how to meet girls romantically, both on and offline. On September 6 he extended this training to migrants and refugees at the AWO Centre in Essen.

The AWO is Germany’s Workers Welfare Association and receives government funding. The news of the Flirt University training sparked a public backlash with many voicing anger that a flirting workshop for refugees would be funded by the taxpayer, according to Die Welt.

Three security workers guarded the entrance to the centre as a result of the hostile attention received.

It’s crazy that something as simple as flirting causes such reaction,”Awo-Associate Nicola Voelckel told Die Welt.

The furore hasn’t deterred Wenzel, however, who said now more than ever he is determined to share his ‘knowledge’ with these men.

Wenzel explained his reasons for holding the workshops to WAZ, prior to the event.

I feel that refugees now have their basic needs met in many places. But love is also a very important basic need. And love is for me also integration.”

A reporter from Die Welt attended Wenzel’s free session in Essen where the self professed ‘love doctor’ advised the men to have at least one dating app on their smartphones and even suggested using a professional photographer to enhance their profiles.

He also explained that sex often comes before relationships in Germany and advised going to sport clubs and making German friends as useful ways of meeting members of the opposite sex.

The men at the workshop came from Iraq, Syria and the Lebanon.

When one refugee told Wenzel he felt he had to hold back from approaching women after the Cologne attacks Wenzel simply replied ‘no you do not’.

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Germany recently passed tougher sex crime laws on the back of public outcry following last year’s New Year’s Eve Cologne sex attacks. Among the changes to the law is easier deportation procedures for migrants involved in sex assaults.

Over 2000 men are believed to be involved in sexual harassment incidents across Germany on New Year’s Eve, according to police who said most of the identified offenders came from North Africa and over a half of the attackers had spent less than a year in Germany.

Wenzel warned that getting past prejudices held by some German people would be the most difficult task for migrants hoping to date German women.