Good deeds are rewarded: Kind & selfless people have more sex, new study reveals

© Andrew Boyers
Giving to charity or performing a random act of kindness can increase your chances of getting lucky this weekend, new research has found.

While some studies have suggested that being kind makes you more attractive to potential partners, the latest research published in the British Journal of Psychology found that selfless people and their good deeds can lead to more sex.

In one study published in the journal, unmarried people were asked to describe how much charity they participated in and were also told to describe their sex lives.

The results found that heterosexual women got more sexual attention from selfless men, while men who said they gave more to charity tended to have more sexual partners in their lifetime.

The second study showed that out of 335 undergraduates who were given $100 and the option to donate to charity, those who were more altruistic with their money were likely to have more sex.

Similar to the first study, men were likely to have more sexual partners while women with higher levels of altruism were found to have sex more frequently.

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“The present study provides the first empirical evidence that altruism may tangibly benefit mating in humans living in Western industrialized society and that sex differences might exist with respect to the utility of altruism for mating, whereby it is a more effective signal for men than women,” the researchers said.