Woman finds out the hard way her dog doesn't like twerking (VIDEO)

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For those who aren’t mesmerized by the rhythmic gyrations of twerking - and wish the craze would just stop, they now have a canine ally.

One woman who hoped to capture her dance moves on video found that out the hard way.

The unidentified twerker is only a few seconds into her half-naked routine when her less-than-impressed best friend begins nipping at her body, and not in a good way.

Things quickly take a turn for the worse after the woman crouches down and the dog leaps at her, nearly knocking her over before angrily pulling at her hair. Again, not in a good way.

It’s clear the dog doesn’t want to loosen its grip either, even when the woman punches the pooch in self defense.

The dog eventually relents and backs away but, always the professional, the woman continues dancing while sitting down, as though it was all part of the routine.