Drone buzzes skyscraper stunt duo during 800ft crane climb (VIDEO)

Drone buzzes skyscraper stunt duo during 800ft crane climb (VIDEO)
A pair of extreme risk-takers managed to bypass security at one of the tallest buildings in Hong Kong so that they could use it as their own personal climbing frame – with nerve-wracking results.

The New World Centre in Hong Kong is currently being developed as a high-rise hotel and office block, but until construction is complete, the site is ripe for daredevil climbers jonesing to get their next hit of adrenaline and a GoPro upload. 

The video posted by On the Roofs, a group known for creeping up the side of dauntingly high buildings, shows how two men were quite easily able to sneak into the tool laden construction site under the noses of security staff.

The duo even stop to look at site notices showing safety workers who might “kick our asses” if caught. From there, the pair explore the structure’s barren, half-finished shell before making it their mission to scale a towering steel crane at the skyscraper’s summit.

The shaky cam footage is not for the faint of heart, as the men climb more than 800 feet (243 meters) above speeding traffic without any safety equipment. At one point, a near fatal collision almost occurs when someone operating a quadcopter drone comes close to side swiping one of the climbers clean off the crane.

After a handwringing couple of minutes, the men finally make it to the top, but – as one of the intrepid climbers rightly acknowledges – the hard part is always getting back down again. 

The latest brave, or perhaps very foolish, stunt by the young “rooftoppers” comes as a similar-minded man performed an insane skateboard balancing act on top of another of the city’s high-rise buildings. 

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That exploit saw an adrenaline junkie calling himself Cheung Jai teeter on the brink of a terrifying drop, with only the edge of his skateboard for support.