Daredevil toys with drop-in of death at Hong Kong skyscraper (VIDEO)

Daredevil toys with drop-in of death at Hong Kong skyscraper (VIDEO)
A daredevil has taken the sport of skateboarding to a terrifying and extreme level by balancing on top of a massive skyscraper in Hong Kong.

Adrenaline junkie Cheung Jai has been branded “crazy” for teetering above the bustling city streets as if he was about to ‘drop in’ with a skateboard from a deathly height.

Instagram video of the high-flying stunt, thought to have taken place in early June, has been garnering thousands of views and comments suggesting the Hong Kong native has a death wish.

The gut-wrenching footage shows Jai climbing over rusted steel girders before positioning himself on the very edge of a towering building.

He then hangs over the side with only the tail end of his board standing between relative safety and falling from the huge height.

Just once

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Cheung Jai said that his legs were “shaking so hard” during the balancing act, and has assured concerned fans that he is still alive.

Jai’s antics provoked a massive reaction online, with some praising his bravery and others describing the trick as the work of a “moron.”

“Dude I can hardly watch this stuff, so crazy. You have no fear,” said one shocked Instagrammer.

Meanwhile another wrote: “I honestly thought he was going to power Ollie off.”

What a perfect nightscapes

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“In 10 years if you [are] still alive you will realize how stupid you are,” said one person, clearly unimpressed at his actions.

“What if you would have dropped in and killed someone? F**king moron,” wrote another.

Exploring the rooftops of his city appears to be something of a hobby for Jai. Previous posts on his Youtube and Instagram channels show him jumping across skyscraper rooftops and standing on the edge of some spine-tingling drops.

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