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28 May, 2016 17:34

Italian court allows man to pay ex-wife’s alimony with pizza

Italian court allows man to pay ex-wife’s alimony with pizza

In a tasty settlement, an Italian court has ruled in favor of a divorced father to make alimony payments to his ex-partner in the form of €300 ($333) worth of pizza every month.

Ex-wife Nicoletta Zuin, who took the case to court was more than unhappy with the final verdict, according to local newspaper Il Gazzettino.

The 50-year-old father, Nicola Toso, was accused of failing to make his monthly child support payments, when showing up with pizza instead of payments.

His ex-wife eventually had enough of seeing ham and mushroom toppings and took Toso to court in the city of Padua.

Judge Chiara Bitozzi said the man, who also happens to be a pizza chef, would be allowed to continue substituting money for Italy’s favorite dish, since he was reportedly unable to earn enough to make the full payments after being hit hard by the 2008 financial crisis.

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“In lieu of money, the defendant offered his ex-wife the same amount of compensation in the form of take-away pizzas from his workplace, an offer promptly rejected as “beggar’s change,” Bitozzi wrote in her ruling, according to the Telegraph.

Toso’s defence attorney, Sonia Della Greca, argued that the pizza baker offered free food because he had fallen on hard times and big debts, but had continued with all other custody obligations since remarrying.

The daughter moved in with her father in 2011 following a deteriorating relationship with Zuin, the judge said.

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