Ravers to get higher than ever before during Dutch skydiving party

Ravers to get higher than ever before during Dutch skydiving party
While raving and getting high can go hand in hand, a Dutch “arts and marketing” company will raise party people to new heights with a unique skydiving event above the clouds.

In a country where even the king and queen are up for a good rave, it comes as no surprise that the Dutch have come up with a whole new form of clubbing.

What better way to celebrate Liberation Day, which marks the end of the Nazi occupation, than with a ‘skyrave?’

The country, which gave birth to DJ legends Tiesto and Armin van Buuren, will host the floating dance party over the eastern Dutch city of Enschede this Thursday.

The group of skydivers will leap from a plane along with a speaker and “put their hands in the air like they just don’t care”.

Deep House Amsterdam reports the idea started as a joke at marketing firm Tosti Creative, but soon became a reality.

“The biggest problem we faced were of course the technical difficulties, like how are you going to throw a party with music while you’re plunging towards the surface at 200kph?” said Tosti creative director Roby Hormis.

The team will use speakers from Soundboks to overcome the loud wind while falling through the sky before landing in the middle of the Bevrijdingsdag festival.  

As for a playlist for the ‘Party in the Sky,’ there’s no shortage of aptly-named dance music classics to choose from.