Dramatic baby duck rescue operation caught on bodycam (VIDEO)

© Ada County Sheriff's Office
Recently released bodycam footage shows an Idaho police officer mounting the solo rescue of a family of ducklings trapped in a drain as their helpless mother quacked on.

The alarm was raised when police received a call around 9 a.m. from a concerned resident who overheard the mother duck squawking at a sewer Wednesday morning, and spotted the trapped ducklings inside.

Thankfully, no duck was left behind as ‘quack’ thinking from Officer Zach Helbach - now known as his police department’s official ‘duck liberator’ - saw him improvise everyday items to fish out each of the 10 ducklings from the drain.

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Once I got them all out, Mom got ’em all together and they just walked over to a nearby irrigation canal,” said local hero-cum-duck whisperer Helbach.

Here's the duck family, post rescue © Eagle Police

Once police from the city of Eagle got all their ducks in a row, they reassured concerned citizens that mother and babies had recovered nicely by posting a post-rescue picture of the happy family on the police department’s Facebook page.

A single mother with 10 tiny kids? Losing a few (or all) is inevitable from time to time.