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US Internet freedom hypocrisy

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton calls on a world which respects Internet freedom as the US Justice Department targets WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.
The Justice Department is pressing the court to require Twitter to turn over private information about the use of its services by three WikiLeaks supporters. The US champions a free flow of information, free speech and a free Internet, until it is no longer in their favor. America calls for a respect for the rights of others, their privacy and free expression, but goes after US citizen’s cell phones, computer activity and other personal data. “Our commitment to Internet freedom is a commitment ot the rights of people, and we are matching that with our actions,” Clinton stated in a her speech.Former Reagan administration official Paul Craig Roberts said the US government is a blatant public hypocrite and has been for a long time.“It’s [US government] always lecturing everybody else, but it never follows its own advice,” Roberts said.He argued the US has actively trampled on the civil liberties of its own people under the auspice of the War on Terror, yet at the same time the government lectures others on responsibilities to protect freedoms. “We are really the worst offender,” he added. “This should show the world what a hypocrite the United States is!”Roberts said, as an American, he is embarrassed by the blatant hypocrisy his government represents. On one had the US has worked to support Twitter and Facebook use in Egypt, and now Iran having lunched Twitter sites in local languages. America likes to use technology to undermine others. But as soon as the tables turn they flip their stance, such as the case of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange and Pfc. Bradley Manning. He argued the US wants to terrify the rising new breed of Internet journalism, using fear to shut them up. “Bradley Manning’s civil rights are being blatantly violated by the United States government, Roberts said. “Yet nothing is done about it.”