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20 Oct, 2010 20:59

America Inc: Corporate interests run US government

A new Gallop poll indicated Americans feel the US government has too much power, yet there is very little public outrage. While in France the people are taking to the streets rioting.

Americans are currently more passive and complacent, but that could be changing.

As the pension funds are taxed, as part of the pension funds are seized, as the social security cost of living increase is cut, as all of this happens we are seeing more and more people demonstrate and protest,” said radio host Alex Jones.

He argued that the people should not only fear the government, but the corporate machine the fuels it.

The federal government is the consortium of tyranny, through which the Fortune 100 that control the government are looting and robbing our nation,” he said. “We’re just going through this same process of corporate corruption running rampant and I think you will see more and more Americans hitting the streets.”

Jones also pointed out that gun sales in America have hit record highs. He argued that Americans are arming themselves to fight government tyranny.

It takes a long time to rouse us, the sleeping giant,” said Jones. “But once the Americans people start rolling it’s going to be very very serious and I’m trying to avert armed conflict in this country. Even TIME Magazine has the headline; ‘Will Federal Reserve cause civil war’.”

At the same time, the rise of the anti-big government Tea Party movement highlights the sentiment across America. However, American anger is not properly directed.

It’s not that they are directing their anger at the wrong place. They’re only directing it at half of the equation. It is the mega banks, the mega corporations who on record have lobbied for big government, for all this corporate welfare,” said Jones.

He explained that in some polls, 80 percent of Americans identify the Federal Reserve as root of problem and that Americans are getting angrier both at the government and the system as a whole.

At the same time, the US has begun the militarization of police forces, expanding homeland security, and using the Army to suppress domestic disruptions, said Jones.

The sleeping giant that is America is awakening and it is angry” Jones added.

Corporations are setting US setting policy, argued Jones. He said the Bilderberg Group is growing and expanding its reach, practically going public.

You’ve got these ivory tower white show boys who think they are God and invincible; they’re not!” said Jones. 

Francis Megahy, the filmmaker behind the movie “The Best Government Money Can Buy” said corporate interests spend hundreds of millions of dollars on campaigns and obviously expect something in return.

If you have to raise that huge amount of money, you’re not going to get it from your constituents. For example, even in the last presidential election, although Barack Obama had this much touted system of getting money from small donors, the employees of Goldman Sachs bundled $800,000 for him,” said Megahy.

He explained that the bunk of the money comes not from the voters and not from the constituents, but from large corporations and their lobbyists. Even candidates insistent on staying separate from lobbyists will have to take some money.

Without lobbyist money it would be impossible to get elected. Of course they are taking money from lobbyists,” said Megahy.

Lobbying is fine, it is everywhere, explained Megahy. However the system in the US places increased importance on paid campaign advertising and the money given to candidates does influence a politicians voting record.

Do we really want the person with the most money to win the election in your district? I think that’s an easy answer. No we don’t. Is that what the founding fathers intended the First amendment to create as a result? No, I’m sure it isn’t. I’m sure If they were around today they’d be shocked at what’s happened,” said Megahy.