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9 Jul, 2009 10:30

True Blue language from Madge

Madonna has been accused of damaging the reputation of the Russian city of St. Petersburg, to where she’s coming with her “Sticky and Sweet” concert on August 2.

Members of the legislative assembly in St. Petersburg have addressed their governor Valentina Matvienko with a proposal to sue the “Bad Girl” after she released a teaser of her upcoming concert on the Internet.

According to local deputy Aleksey Kovalev she has undermined the business reputation of the city.

“Madonna has allowed herself to swear in Russian in the light of her concert in Palace Square, which is the most important sacral center of the Russian Empire. The Russian emperor would address people from his balcony right here on Palace Square. This Alexander Column is dedicated to the victory of the Russian people in the war against Napoleon. In fact, the whole Palace Square is meant to be a memorial complex dedicated to this war. Quite naturally, it’s the most important tourist landmark in St. Petersburg. Using four-letter words describing a concert on Palace Square causes moral harm to the reputation of St. Petersburg as a tourist hub. It can also cause big material losses in the future. It means that authorities in St. Petersburg and in the Russian Federation have a right to sue Madonna in civil court looking to withdraw from the revenues of her concert a sum of money sufficient to cover moral damages. We are talking about several million dollars,” Kovalev told RT.

The pop diva is notorious for using swear-words in public. She was dirty-talking and using expletives non-stop when she appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman back in 1994.

Madonna’s concert on Palace Square in St. Petersburg has already caused mixed reactions among a number of city officials, some of them claiming the show could offend the moral and religious sensibilities of the citizens. Apropos of this, the head of the Hermitage Museum, Mikhail Piotrovsky, urged the Queen of Pop to avoid blasphemy during her performance in St. Petersburg.