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24 Aug, 2010 13:57

Bono reaches the President

Grammy-winning Irish rocker and three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, U2’s tireless frontman Bono has met with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at his official residence in Sochi.

50-year-old Paul David Hewson, aka Bono, has made a name for himself as a musician-philanthropist – a political activist, dubbed “the face of fusion philanthropy”.

He has been involved in a range of humanitarian activities, from campaigning for debt-relief solutions for third-world countries to helping ease the AIDS pandemic in Africa.

Bono’s popularity and international recognition have helped him to raise awareness of a number of burning social issues which he has discussed with some key political leaders, inducing former US President George W. Bush and Brazil’s Lula da Silva.

Praised for their signature sound and lyrics, the legendary band U2 have been around for 34 years, but are set to give their first-ever concert in Russia, as part of the current world “360º” tour.

One of the most-highly anticipated gigs of the year will take place in Moscow on August 25 at Luzhniki Sports Palace.

Rock music lovers are eagerly anticipated in Moscow as the city gets ready to host the Irish rock band for the first time.

Security will be stepped up around the city's Luzhniki stadium on Wednesday night.

Some 80,000 people are expected to attend the show – the world's most expensive staging to date.

Tickets were released back in January at a price of up to $1,000.

Meanwhile, a special souvenir – five-piece Russian doll sets depicting the members of the band – is proving to be a hit among fans.

The artist responsible even claims to have received an order from the musicians themselves.