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21 Oct, 2010 21:40

Tea Party founder fed up with movement

America’s Tea Party movement has evolved into a nightmare for the movement’s founder. The movement used to be about corruption and government spending, but now it is about "guns, gays and God".

It began with the Bear Sterns bailout. We had a handful of people, about a dozen, that marched on Wall Street,” said Karl Denninger, Founder of Tea Party and The Market Ticker.

The intention was to speak out against excessive corporatism and corruption and hold the government accountable to its promises of change.

It took about a month for the establishment Republicans to come in and essentially take the party over,” he said. “It became all guns, gods, and gays. That’s a great thing to talk about, but that’s not what we intended.”

He added; “I don’t believe this is the set of issues we should be focused on in this country.”

There is not little discussion in the movement about the economy, corruption, the foreclosure crisis and other relevant issues.

None of the so-called Tea Party candidates are talking about this,” Denninger said. “The slogan that we adopted very early on was ‘stop the looting and start the prosecuting’ and I can’t find one of these supposed Tea Party candidates that is actually willing to come out and say that in public.”

Denninger argued the original agenda may have to be fought through a new or different organization, since the Tea Party has simply become a member of the right wing of the Republican Party under figures like Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and Bobb Bar.

If the people in the Tea Party movement want to put these people back in power to continue the past policies of the Bush administration that is up to the American people, explained Denninger.