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5 Oct, 2009 06:25

Taliban should be destroyed from within – President’s brother

President Obama is considering reviewing US strategy in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Ahmed Wali Karzai, the brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai, believes the Taliban should be destroyed from within the country.

“I believe there are two faces to the war in Afghanistan. One is that which the international community is fighting.”

According to the president’s brother, it is a 21st century war against 18th century methods of fighting:

“There are two different tactics they are using. When it comes to the enemy, the Taliban, they don’t go by any rules or any law, whether it is Islam or international law – they don’t accept any law. And when it comes to the international community, in the war they are fighting, they need to stick to international law. This is one side of the fight.”

This kind of fight, Karzai believes, will take a very long time.

“The war that we would like to have is the tribal fight that would be very successful. The tribe itself should pick up arms and go against the Taliban. It’s a short war. And we know the mentality, so we know how to fight them. My enemy is clear”.

The campaign in Afghanistan is entering its ninth year. Anti-war organizations in the US are planning further protests as voices against the conflict grow.

On Saturday, eight American soldiers and two Afghan security force members were killed when militants opened fire on an outpost. It was the deadliest day for US military casualties in Afghanistan in more than a year.

Regardless, the US National Security Adviser claims there’s no immediate danger of Afghanistan falling into the hands of the Taliban.