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28 Mar, 2010 04:47

“Healthcare is not a right” – Ron Paul

Healthcare is not a right that should be paid for by the state, Congressman Ron Paul told RT.

“You have a right to your life and you have a right to your liberty and you have a right to keep what you earn in a free country. But you do not have a right to stuff. You do not have the right to services or things, like a house or a job, because in order to get that the government would have to take that from somebody else,” explained the Congressman.

“The most you can expect in a free society is for government to make an attempt at protecting rights, not to try to re-distribute wealth. If you do that – all people will lose their rights,” he asserted.

Paul went on to add that Barack Obama’s healthcare reform would only worsen America’s current economic situation, saying “This will help to push the economy back down again.”

“It is not viable. You cannot create a program that is going to cost a trillion dollars in the missing economy with international debt going to three trillion dollars – it is just impossible to happen.”

As for the wars that the US is conducting in Asia Ron Paul said that he “would be very much cautious about going to war,” adding that “if you just support war, then you don’t support the troops.”

The Congress of the United States does not want the responsibility for starting the wars as it used to have.

“The Founders would be astounded to see how much responsibility the Congress has given up. They intended that the Congress would be the most important body, but now it is for the least important – and it is the Congress’s fault,” confessed the Congressman.

Ron Paul was unsure about when the war in Afghanistan would end, but expressed the opinion that it would happen for the same economic reasons that the Soviet Union had to leave Afghanistan in 1989 after ten years of war.

He also shared that America’s interference with Yemen’s internal affairs reminds him of US actions in Vietnam and Laos, which “never helped, but only got us into more trouble.”

“It is the legal aspect of our CIA secretly doing these bombings in the countries like Yemen,” believes Ron Paul. “Every time we kill some civilians or innocent people they would like to make us think that they all are criminals out to bomb New York City which they are not. They are the Taliban, who are trying to defend their country.”

Every person killed just creates disconsolate families that “are determined to do whatever they can to hurt the US,” the Congressman said. “Total victory means nothing, because in the long term it means bankruptcy for us and more hatred directed towards us.”

The economic confrontation between the US and China is inevitable because both countries use the same methods to artificially keep their currencies lower than the real market value to benefit the national economy in trade, but an economic war with China would be “economically devastating”, warned the Congressman.

The US has been actively trading with China but now is slipping back into “telling the Chinese what to do,” Ron Paul said.

“We are really not in the driver’s seat. They are the banker. We cannot offend them more than they could hurt us back,” estimated Ron Paul, who believes that the US ought to “free trade with anybody who wants to trade and do friendship with those who offer friendship.”