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10 Aug, 2011 21:01

Preparing for an apocalypse in America

The American Preppers Network is a group of people storing supplies, equipment and ammunition in case an end of the world disaster strikes the U.S. RT visits one such family.

A typical house in a regular suburban town, but here – a family is preparing for the end of the world. A German Mauser and P-38 from the Second World War, a twelve-gage shot gun, a forty caliber pistol and an AR-15 – weapons and ammunition are key.“If we are carrying this out on the street for some reason – all hell broke out. It’s an end of the world type situation. You can’t walk around with these guns here,” said Keith Proskura. A certified NRA instructor and owner of two businesses, he stores food and supplies to help him survive no matter what disaster might hit.“Brake down of government is one thing a lot of people are preparing for now. We are facing possible pay delays for social security. I am not going to need all of this stuff for that, but you are going to have a lot of Americans who are upset,” he explained. The 37 year old is among thousands of American preppers who would rather be ready than sorry. RT spoke with Tom Martin – the founder of the Preppers Network – from inside his truck.“It’s not so much political, but more economic. I see people every day lose their jobs and have to rely on food that they have stored up previously to live on that food, just because they’ve lost their jobs,” said Martin. Gas masks, bullet-proof vests, canned food, tents and helmets fill basement like this one. A prepper’s survival bag is not a regular first aid kit. It includes things like a parachute cord, a survival knife, a meal ready to eat, a body heat-retaining space blanket and bagged emergency drinking water. According to preppers, one must also be ready for chemical catastrophies, or a large-scale terrorist attack.“If contaminates land on top of you, you’ve got to have a couple of pairs of gloves on. Your feet will slip into a chemical-proof boot. If you go into an unknown situation you are going to want to have one that’s fully incapsulated. So that you are 100 percent sure that nothing will get through to you,” said Keith Proskura. A variety of walkie-talkies are ready for use if the communication network shuts down. On the other end of the line is Keith’s father, John Proskura, who is actually in the next room. A police officer for 25 years, he is now retired; his main past time is operating a ham radio. For him, communications will be key if disaster strikes.“The tsunami and earthquake in Japan a couple of months ago – amateur radio played a big part in that in providing emergency communication. And the big hurricane in Haiti a couple of years ago,” said the man. There is one scenario he fears more than others.“If there was some kind of a nuclear fall-out, radio wave propagation would probably for all practical purposes seize,” said John. Around $10,000 is the hefty price tag for these supplies.But to preppers, it’s not just ten grand sitting in a basement – with uncertainty taking over the US, they say those who seem paranoid today may end up being the smartest tomorrow.