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Palin-mania heats up despite snow

While Obama picked up the Peace Prize in Oslo, a former opponent of his has been attracting attention in America. Supporters of Sarah Palin lined up in appalling weather for hours just to get a glimpse of their hero.

Call it “Palin-mania” or “Palin-palooza”, the Sarah Palin book tour was unconventional – with more than a dozen stops in small towns instead of much larger ones.

Her fans queuing up in Fairfax, Virginia, did not complain when waiting for her to arrive. Instead, the words “awesome”, and “wonderful” were heard every now and then in different corners of the crowd.

Many there are convinced Palin would have beaten Obama if she had been running for President instead of John McCain, rather than VP, and some see no obstacle for her to do that in 2012.

Sarah Palin has not revealed her plans yet – even to her family. Or she just has not made up her mind.

“She wants to get the word out,” said her aunt Katie Johnson, adding “None of us like the way our country is headed.”