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25 Nov, 2009 05:43

Pastor sees pure evil in Obama

A New York pastor claims Barack Obama is pure evil, not an American citizen, and therefore has no right to run the country.

A pastor in one Harlem church has been sending out political messages that have been causing much controversy in the US. Former prisoner-turned-pastor James David Manning, who also has his own radio show, is not a fan of the US President.

Offensive and what some call hate-filled messages fly out of his church on a daily basis.

“I believe [Barack Obama] represents pure evil. He is an evil, evil man – spiritually,” Pastor Manning is convinced.

He claims that both the police and the secret service have visited him because of his messages. Manning says he expects to be arrested soon for his political beliefs, which he insists would be an infringement of free speech.

The pastor alleges the President is not a US citizen and is therefore leading the country in breach of the Constitution, which bars foreigners from the White House hot seat. Manning has been daring Obama to prove him wrong.

“The only reason why they have not moved further to jack me up or imprison me is because, at present, he would have to demonstrate I am making false charges against him. But he can't do that,” Manning says.

The controversial cleric's wife, Sister Elizabeth, has no doubts about her husband's righteousness:

“I stand behind him 100%. I believe he is led by God to speak the things that he speaks.”

However, there is little support in evidence on the streets of Harlem.

“It's a way to create attention. It's controversial to do that. I am not sure it has much to do with his true beliefs. I think it's almost like a PR stunt,” believes one man.

“He is supposed to be showing us love – showing us that God loves everybody. Not teach us to hate,” said one woman.

Pastor Manning remains undeterred in his rhetoric, despite the criticism of his community.

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