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23 Jun, 2010 00:09

Online dating site offers sperm and egg bank for “beautiful people”

An online dating site that tailors to "beautiful people" is now offering a forum/online sperm bank where site members may seek out genetic material from fellow beautiful people, and only beautiful people.

BeautifulPeople.com requires potential users to apply to join through a selection process that requires submitting photos, body shots, etc. Once you apply the site’s members vote on whether or not you are beautiful enough to join. The site’s administration has previously expelled users gained weight over the holidays.

It’s basically a gated community for attractive people,” said Brenna Ehrlich, the news editor at Mashable.

She continued, “It has been called superficial, it’s been called overly selective, it’s been called the end of the western civilization.

Ehrlich explained that the site hosts a simple forum for information sharing for site users interested in creating beautiful babies.

It’s not really a fancy app of any sort; it’s just a forum where the members can go on, express their interest in donating sperm or eggs for infertile couples or single women to kind of propagate the idea of passing on beautiful jeans and creating beautiful babies,” said Ehrlich.

Some argue that this is an early step in moving towards creating genetic specific families. Ehrlich argues however that people are still looking at marriage and having children of their own, but that the web has broadened the opportunities for those who may need help.

Ehrlich said that the BeautifulPeople.com has fueled various viewpoints, some seeing it as unethical and others as merely a business taking advantage of basic supply and demand.