Obama’s picture found on trash bins in Estonia

Obama’s picture found on trash bins in Estonia
Turns out Barack Obama is not just the president of hope for the Americans, but also a poster boy for Estonian recycling.

Pictures of the US president were found on garbage cans in the airport of Estonian capital Tallinn, delfi.ee reports.

Obama’s face was accompanied with the three arrows – the symbol of recycling – and his trademark slogan “Yes, we can” both in English and Estonian.

Eesti Pakendiringlus, an Estonian recycled packaging company, made a wordplay of the famous slogan, as the word “can” means not only the ability to do something, but also tin.

Though it is unclear whether Estonian recyclers bothered to obtain any commercial rights on using Obama’s picture, this is not the first time that his image has been used in advertising.

He used to be a poster boy for a Moscow-based dental clinic that promised “Total dental democracy” and an Obama-like mannequin on the window of a clothing store in the city of Rostov-on-Don.