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Congress pushes Obama towards war with Iran

A new IAEA report is expected to show that the country of Iran is investing in nuclear activity and it has America and its allies running scared. Is it a legitimate threat or is the US fishing for reasons to invade?

Former Reagan administration official Paul Craig Roberts tells RT that a war with Iran seems more than likely. “I think that’s indicated by the fake plot that Obama announced; that Iran wanted to hire a used car salesman and a Mexican drug gang to kill the Saudi Arabian ambassador,” said Roberts. Even if President Obama billed himself as a healthy change from the ways of the previous administration, Roberts called the current commander-in-chief a bigger war monger than the Bush/Cheney office.Jamal Abdi of the National Iranian American Council also feels like the United States’ current actions seem suspicious. He says a real threat of military action doesn’t seem great, however, but does feel like America is looking to worsen tensions between the two countries.In the latest IAEA report, says Abdi, he doesn’t expect to find much new information. What is inside, he adds, is wording that will push to get Security Council sanctions against Iran. “Really this is a lot of change in tone to increase the pressure,” he says.Abdi adds that just yesterday a bill went forward in the House of Representatives that would make it illegal for the president or any American official to even make contact with Iranian government personnel without getting congressional approval more than two weeks ahead of time. “This is sort of unprecedented,” he says.Even if moves like that will increase tensions between the countries, Abdi still feels like war can be avoided. It’s going to take President Obama to make some serious moves to keep what Paul Craig Roberts says is “most likely,” however. What America is doing right now, adds Abdi, is building a wall between the two countries, “sort of one legislative brick at a time.”Should that bill become a law, Abdi says that there is no chance for diplomatic relations between the countries. It will be sanctions or war and nothing else.