“We don’t want to surprise each other” – American think tank

Two leading nations have to find a new way of working together, said Chuck Hagel, the chairman of the Atlantic Council, a leading American policy research think tank.

“Unilateral sanctions against Iran cannot work without Russia and China,” argued Hagel. “We all have to be in this together to work through this but we have to be patient, steady and wise in cooperation with all our partners.”

“Both [Medvedev and Obama] see that the horizon out there is full of challenges and has dangers, but so does every generation in the history of man,” he said.

“The more we can understand each other and get on some common frequencies of calibrating what our mutual interests are to make a better world, a safer world, a more stable, prosper, secure world for all people – that is what we all want and both Presidents Medvedev and Obama share that.”