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22 Jun, 2010 23:51

McChrystal blowing off steam, Washington full of babies – Paul Craig Roberts

US General Stanley McChrystal was summoned to Washington after making controversial statements in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine.

McChrystal is America's top commander in Afghanistan overseeing US and NATO coalition forces. He made, what some are calling, derogatory comments towards Obama administration leaders and criticized their actions. The interview apparently mocked top officials, including Vice President Joe Biden.

McChrystal has offered his resignation to US President Barack Obama, according to Time Magazine’s Joe Klein who cites an unnamed source, reported CNN.

It’s all silly. It just shows how childish the Washington politicians are. All McChrystal was doing was letting off steam, the way military people do. They have to go fight the civilian’s wars. The civilians are too incompetent to use diplomacy and so the military has to go die for the incompetent civilians in the government. All he’s doing is letting off steam. He didn’t say anything of any consequence. It just shows what fragile egos the insecure people in the United States Government have. They’re just basically babies,” said Paul Craig Roberts, a former Reagan Administration official.

Roberts however wouldn’t mind if McChrystal is fired. In fact, he feels Obama should be fired too.

What is he [Obama] doing carrying on a war in Afghanistan? Afghanistan has never done anything to the United States,” said Roberts.

He argued that the government is failing in Afghanistan and asked why the US has continued to escalate the war.

The Taliban have nothing to do with 9/11. The Afghans have never done anything to us. In fact, as you well know, we supported them [Taliban] strongly against the Russian invasion. So, here we are now trying to do what the Red Army couldn’t do,” said Roberts.

What McChrystal should have said, argued Roberts is:

Here I am fighting these wars for their incompetent politicians who don’t know how to use diplomacy, I’m getting all these troops killed, and for what? That’s what he should have said. That would have brought the issue home to the people.”

Roberts said that if McChrystal is replaced they will simply put another general in his position, and argued that generals today are merely another form of politician.

We don’t have generals any more of the quality of General Patton or Ike Eisenhower,” said Roberts.

Roberts argued that war is a part of military complex and it continues to keep campaign finances coming in, no matter which general is in command.

Obama is incompetent. I mean, he’s just a bought and paid for lackey. In fact everybody in Washington in the government is a prostitute of one form or another. Of course he’s incompetent. We’ve not had a competent president in a long time. Now, I think McChrystal was, as I said, just letting off steam. People should have accepted it as that and let it go and not made an issue of it. But, they are so incompetent, they are so insecure, they’re such babies, they’re really children running the super power. That’s what’s’ frightening, you’ve got children in there with 10,000 nuclear weapons,” said Roberts.